Regional Transport Statistics 2006 UK

London, United Kingdom – The Department for Transport has 2006-11-16 published Regional Transport Statistics: 2006 Edition.

This National Statistics publication brings together a wide range of transport statistics for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at Government Office Region and former Metropolitan County level.

Regional variations are complex, particularly because of the widely varying local circumstances. In particular, these include differences in economy, population structure and density, and transport systems. London, in particular, is very distinctive in transport terms.

A wide range of tables, maps, charts and summary points are presented in the report covering the following areas:

  • Personal Travel, including a selection of regional information from the National Travel Survey;
  • Public Transport, including tables using information collected from public transport operators and maps of the Department for Transport’s 2004 Accessibility Indicators;
  • Road Vehicles, including stock and first registrations, and vehicle crime;
  • Road Traffic, including traffic and traffic speeds by region;
  • Roads, including road lengths and road condition by region;
  • Road Safety, including regional casualty figures for different types of road users;
  • Freight, including road goods moved and lifted by origin and destination, and freight traffic at ports;
  • Air, including passenger and freight movements by region;
  • Other relevant data, including regional population, household numbers and economic data.

The publication is available online at:

Background information
1. Regional Transport Statistics: 2006 Edition is the sixth annual edition of this publication. It has been compiled by the staff of Transport Statistics with contributions from other Government Departments.
2. Regional Transport Statistics: 2006 Edition generally provides updated information relating to 2006, and is intended to complement the information that was published in Transport Statistics Great Britain 2006 on 02 November 2006. These and other statistics publications can be found at
3. Regional Transport Statistics: 2006 Edition is available free of charge from DfT (telephone 0207 944 3096 or e-mail ), in paper or electronic formats. Microsoft Excel versions of the individual data tables are being made available for downloading from the DfT website or on request.
4. The bullet points presented in the publication are provided without further analysis or commentary. In using the information provided, readers unfamiliar with the data series presented are strongly advised to refer back to the sources provided at the bottom of each table as usually far more detail is available to aid interpretation. Information on all sources is available on the website above.

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Bron: Department for Transport (UK)