New release Infrasite InfraTenders

Infrasite InfraTenders published a large new release with new features

InfraTenders is a detailed and user friendly module for european infra related tenders.
To make life easier, the editors of Infrasite have selected all specific infra related tenders from the TED and assigned them to 14 main infra categories such as Construction, Roads, Rail or Traffic.
A CPV code or subcategory can be assigned to more than one main category. For instance the subcategory Railway Engineering Servies appears in the main category Rail and in the main category Engineering.
This way all tenders that are of interest to a specific sector are concentrated in a few main categories.

Daily email delivery of tenders

An important new feature of InfraTenders is the daily email delivery of tenders. The selection of the tenders the user receive by email is based on the User Profiles the user did set in InfraTenders. If the user clicks on a received tender it will show in the browser immediately without having to login to InfraTenders first.

Other important features

Searching tenders is very easily done through the Category Search form where searching is based on 14 main categories, through User Profiles and through the Free Search from where the user can search in all tenders and in the complete tender text.
InfraTenders allows the user to find procurement documents, create numerous user profiles and export data to a spreadsheet. This way it is possible to import the tenders directly into a management system.

How does it work?
· One time only
    – Just login one time, set your User Profiles and logout
      Now you wil receive your daily tenders and/or awards in your mailbox
      Setting this up takes only a few minutes

· Daily email delivery
    – Click on a tender in your mailbox to see the full tender without having to login first

· When you like
    – Login at InfraTenders and
    – Set new User Profiles or delete others or
    – Free search the entire InfraTenders database or
    – Search the InfraTenders database by categories, countries, documents and/or period or
    – Go to the Procurement Documents or
    – Export your found tenders to spreadsheet

Important new features are:

  • Daily email service based on your User Profile(s)
  • Fast search on User Profile
  • New search engine

Other unique features of InfraTenders:

  • Quick free search on complete tender documents
  • European tenders
  • All infra related codes preselected for you
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • All tender document types
  • Export your tenders to spreadsheet
  • Procurement documents
  • No knowledge of CPV codes neccessary

Infrasite InfraTenders is a subscription based module.
Because InfraTenders has launched a new release, new subscribers can benefit from a large discount fee for the first year up to nearly 45%, if they subscribe before July 1, 2007.
The subscription fees can be found at the Order Form Subscription Infrasite InfraTenders
or at

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