Veidekke wins road construction contract Stockholm

New heavy construction contract for Veidekke in Stockholm

Oslo, Norway – Veidekke has been awarded another road construction contract in Kista by the City of Stockholm. The contract price is approx. SEK 75 million.

In connection with the development of 3,000 dwellings and a number of office buildings in Kista, Veidekke Anläggning Öst AB has been commissioned to undertake a comprehensive extension of Torshamngatan and construct a new road between Hanstavägen and Torshamngatan (Kista Gård, Stage II). The contract includes asphalting and levelling.

The work is already underway and will be completed in the course of 2009.

Veidekke Anläggning Öst AB is also in the process of converting Hanstavägen in Kista (Kista Gård, Stage I) for the City of Stockholm. The contract price for Stage I is about SEK 100 million.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: Veidekke ASA