Thales releases White Paper electronic tolling systems

Brussels, Belgium – ERTICO Partner Thales has shared its vision about new electronic toll technologies in France and Europe in its new White Paper entitled “Electronic Tolling: a Tool to Regulate Road Transport”. In it, the company presents the evolution of the electronic tolling market, using its own experiences in over 4,000 tolling lanes in more than 30 networks around the world, including the “Liber-T” project in France.

The paper notes that electronic tolling systems have developed at various speeds according to the different European countries where they are used, and their technologies are also very diverse. Many projects originated thanks to a national mobilization of European actors, eager to improve flows of road and motorway traffic, as well as customer service and the operational profitability of the equipment. Initially created for motorways, electronic tolling systems now find other uses in the urban environment. It is one of the number of “hot topics” in Europe dealing with urban traffic control, as evidenced by the road charging system in the heart of London.

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