Cegelec wins contracts Marseille, Lyon, Rotterdam

Cegelec signs new electrical infrastructure contracts for Marseille, Lyon and Rotterdam public transport

MIRIBEL, France – Cegelec, an international group providing technological services to companies and public authorities, has won several contracts for the construction or renovation of electrical power systems in the Marseille and Rotterdam metro systems, as well as the future Leslys express tramway in Lyon. These contracts represent a total value of more than 30 million euros.

Cegelec was chosen because of its methodology in design/planning and site management for working lines, as well as its knowledge of the many inherent constraints (safety, working hours, etc.). Cegelec is also able to use its experience to good advantage in the changeover from old to new power traction systems, a delicate operation by its very nature.

In Marseille, Cegelec will perform the electrical renovation of metro line 1 South over some 6 km, replacing several electrical substations, on behalf of the Communauté Urbaine Marseille Provence Métropole (CUMPM – the Marseille and surrounding area municipal authority). It will also be involved in works for the extension of this line, with the installation of other electrical subsystems in order to power four new metro stations, and will supply the necessary traction energy.

Marseille thus becomes the 17th city in France for which Cegelec is carrying out electrical installations, or is putting in place various signalling or safety installations for their metro and tramway systems.

In Lyon, Cegelec is a member of the Rhône Express consortium, appointed for the execution and operation of the Leslys express tramway line connecting the Part-Dieu train station and the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. Within this consortium, which includes Vinci, the Caisse des Dépôts, Veolia Transport and Vossloh, Cegelec will provide the electrical infrastructure over a distance of 8.3 km (substations and contact aerial line).

The participation of Cegelec in this ambitious project represents the continuity of its works on the Lea tramway line, the first suburban tramway in France to control the barrier-protected level crossings.

In Rotterdam, in the coming years, Cegelec will replace the electrical substations of the Erasmus metro line on behalf of the RET urban transport company. It will also install the new substations for the line extension currently under construction in the north of the city.

This new contract bears witness to the level of confidence on the part of RET, while Cegelec recently completed the delivery and installation of all the electrical substations of the future rapid tramway line (RER) connecting Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer (RandstadRail).

For more information on the activities of Cegelec Transport, go to: www.transport.cegelec.com

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