Prince of Orange at opening Top Institute Water

Prince of Orange at opening of Technological Top Institute for Water Technology, 16 October 2007

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – We are very pleased to announce that His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange will give a speech during the official opening of the Wetsus Technological Top Institute for Water Technology. This will be during the inaugural congress, “Water Works”, on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 October in Leeuwarden.

Programme Tuesday 16 October 2007

Morning programme

With the creation of the TTIW and the expansion of Wetsus to Technological Top Institute, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has completed the task set by the Innovation platform. After the inaugural speech by HRH the Prince of Orange, Cees Buisman (Wetsus), Arie Kraaijeveld (NWP) and Henk Zijm (speaking for the University of Twente, Technical University of Delft and Wageningen University & Research Centre) will discuss the importance and the significance of a Technological Top Institute for Water Technology for both the Dutch and the international water sector. The morning programme will end with Margreeth de Boer, Chairwoman for the Wetsus Supervisory Board, awarding the Marcel Mulder Prize. This annual prize is awarded to the PhD student who has best combined excellent scientific research with technological innovation within the TTIW research programme. The winner receives both a certificate and a monetary award.

Afternoon programme

The afternoon concentrates on the Water Technology Innovation Programme, which includes the TTIW. In four sessions, practical examples of various elements, instruments and players within the Innovation Programme will be discussed; for example, the InnoWator, the Innovation Broker and the role of the domestic and export markets.

The Human Capital Roadmap (Water) intends to improve young people’s image of the water sector and will be holding a Speed Dating Workshop. This will give final year VWO/ HAVO students and water sector employees such as you the opportunity to meet and impress each other in a contemporary manner. YoungWorks, an organisation specialising in communication with young people, will arrange contact between students and water sector personnel using the speed-dating format.

Demo Floor

On 16 October, companies and academic institutions will present their latest innovative technologies on the Demo Floor and His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange will be visiting several of these stands. Furthermore, the young people who participate in the Speed Dating Workshop will be awarding a prize for the stand they find the most appealing.

Programme Wednesday 17 October

The second day of the congressaims to clarify the scientific and technological developments within the research themes of the TTIW and the programme will be primarily in English. Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, an expert in the field of new energy technology will open the programme with a presentation entitled “Water, the fuel of the future”. The day will continue with parallel sessions on the research themes Separation at source, Sensoring, Distribution, Salt & Concentrates, Biofouling & MBR, Energy from Water and Clean Water Technologies.