Redflex executes three photo enforcement contracts

South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Redflex Holdings Limited, is pleased to announce the execution of three photo enforcement contracts with the city of Peoria, Arizona; and the villages of Richton Park, Illinois; and Countryside, Illinois.

Peoria, Arizona

Peoria supports a population in excess of 140,000 and, being located in Maricopa County, is a major suburb of the City of Phoenix. This contract was awarded to Redflex as a result of a competitive tender process. The scope of the program includes red-light enforcement at up to twelve locations, with an aggregate expected term of five years.

“We are honoured to be working closely with the City of Peoria on the City’s inaugural program and are excited to be increasing our photo enforcement footprint across the State of Arizona. Supporting more contracts across the State of Arizona than our competition, Redflex, in working with the City of Peoria, becomes the largest recognised provider of photo enforcement programs in the State of Arizona.” said Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

Richton Park, Illinois

Richton Park is located in Cook County and as a suburb of the City of Chicago supports a population in excess of 13,000.

Working with the Village of Richton Park, red-light enforcement locations will be determined based on warranted community safety and traffic needs. The contract has a term of three years, plus two 2-year automatic renewals.

Countryside, Illinois

Countryside is situated in the heart of Chicagoland, located in Cook County: it is the western gateway to the City of Chicago. The scope of the program includes red-light enforcement at up to four intersections, with a term of five years, plus two 2-year automatic renewals.

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc has contracts with more than 170 US cities, and is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America. With photo speed programs in 9 states and photo red light programs across 19 states, Redflex consistently leads the market in contract wins, system installation rates and market share.

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Bron: Redflex Holdings Limited.