European Commission considers urban transport policy

Brussels, Belgium – Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot staged the idea of a European policy on urban transport at a forum on EU urban policies. This forum was organised by the Committee of the Regions on 26 April in Brussels. The European Commission is considering to publish a Green Paper on Urban Transport. The Green Paper would identify measures to be implemented across the EU. Currently, urban transport is an area in which the EU has limited powers. Therefore, the issue of subsidiarity needs to be addressed in the process.

Mr Barrot signalled his intention to support pilot projects in certain European cities concerning for example urban road tolls, safe infrastructures (particularly for cyclists and pedestrians), regulated access to city centres, car use, etc. However, he also indicated that in order to apply such measures across the EU, the issue of subsidiarity needs to be addressed. The Commissioner therefore called for reflection on the sharing of responsibilities.

An actual decision on the issue is expected to be communicated in the Commission’s review of the September 2001 White Paper on transport – which is due shortly. This review will propose broad consultation on this issue with all stakeholders (cities, regions, operators, etc.). This consultation may take the form of a Green Paper on urban transport.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN)