Longest tunnel Turkey with Siemens traffic system

Erlangen, Germany – In April 2007, the Nefise-Akçelik tunnel, the longest tunnel in Turkey, opened for traffic. It is equipped with the latest, integrated traffic control system from Siemens Industrial Solution and Services (I&S). I&S Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) division supplied systems for traffic guidance, a tunnel control center, power distribution systems, the lighting, ventilation, fire protection equipment, radio systems and camera monitoring equipment with automatic event detection. This equipment makes the tunnel one of the world’s most modern.

Siemens supplied the system, representing an investment volume of 17.5 million euros, to the operator KGM (General Directorate of Highways) on a turnkey basis

The Nefise-Akçelik tunnel is on the Bolaman-Perşembe state expressway, which also includes 32 bridges and five tunnels with a total length of 4,586 meters. At a length of 3,820 meters, it is the longest expressway tunnel in Turkey. The Bolaman-Perşembe route cuts journey times from one hour to 15 minutes compared with the previous winding 42-km coastal road. Turkish authorities estimate that the project will benefit the national economy to the tune of 40 million euros a year.

The automatic detection system in the tunnel detects vehicles that have stopped or are moving in the wrong direction, pedestrians, sudden changes in speed and tailbacks, but also extraneous objects on the roadway or smoke, and triggers the alarm systems accordingly.

The system also analyzes numerous data items, e.g. the rise in the carbon monoxide content of the air, impaired visibility and changes in conditions outside the tunnel and automatically activates stored operating plans to respond to each situation. The lighting can also be adapted to the conditions in the tunnel and the ventilation system can be controlled to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

A wireless communication system permits contact with various public services from within the Nefise-Akçelik tunnel. For example, drivers’ attention is quickly drawn to special situations in the tunnel via radio transmitters, providing them with safety and warning information by messages or variable-message signs. General announcements can also be made through 252 loudspeakers in the tunnel.

The automation system ensures that the ventilation, lighting and traffic control systems function quickly and reliably in case of a fire. A total of 84 jet fans have been installed and, about every 100 meters, foam fire extinguishers have been provided along with fire closets, including dry-type fire extinguishers. A further water fire extinguishing system is supplied from a tank with a capacity of 370 cubic meters that is automatically constantly monitored. The filling level is kept at maximum by diesel and jockey pumps.

For further information on intelligent traffic systems, see: www.siemens.com/traffic

The Bolaman-Perşembe state expressway has 32 bridges and five tunnels with a total length of 4,586 meters. The Bolaman-Perşembe route cuts journey times from one hour to 15 minutes compared with the previous winding 42 km long coastal road. The "Nefise Akçelik“ tunnel, the longest in Turkey, is equipped with the latest, integrated traffic control technology from Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S).

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