Intertraffic Innovation Award (Parking) to SKIDATA

Grödig/Salzburg, Austria – Award honours SKIDATA’s approach of combining established technologies with new ways of adding value with ‘one-stop vending’ services.
It’s the kind of success one might only expect from mega-products like the iPhone: winning a major award for innovation on the very day of the official product launch.

Well, SKIDATA Power.Cash ‘Parking’ has done it. Only hours after its official presentation to the public at the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam, the new machine was announced as the winner of this year’s Intertraffic Innovation Award.

The judges – a panel of worldwide experts in traffic and parking technology – said the main reason for their decision was that with Power.Cash ‘Parking’ SKIDATA has shown its ability to combine existing products with innvoative software solutions based on the latest web technologies.

SKIDATA, they said, has used latest software technologies to translate a complex process into a user interface for convenient one-stop shopping with intuitive self-service. This simplifies the selection of what you want – anything from individual event tickets to whole package deals where parking is just another – very important! – service with added value for all.

As board member and head of SKIDATA’s Car Access unit Robert Weiskopf explains, the SKIDATA approach behind Power.Cash “is designed to develop potential for future ways of new, strategic partnerships. Why, for example, do public transport and traffic management compete against each other? On the surface, it may look like they take each other’s customers away and reduce the other’s profit. ‘Park & Ride’, for example, looks very complex when taken individually instead of a combined ‘package deal’, but taken together the package works perfectly and profitably.”

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