Airbiquity signs telematics deal with BMW

Airbiquity’s Software To Be Used For BMW Assist Telematics Services

Seattle, United States – Airbiquity, a company that develops wireless in-band modem software solutions for automobile manufacturers and suppliers, today announced the signing of a licensing agreement with BMW of North America, LLC, for use of Airbiquity’s aqServer product. The aqServer product will be used in conjunction with Airbiquity’s aqLink modem software to be installed on future BMW vehicles.

The aqServer is a versatile, robust commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server that utilizes Airbiquity’s patented aqLink technology to effectively transmit, receive and process real-time critical information transported through the voice channel of any UMTS, CDMA, GSM, or AMPS wireless network. Airbiquity’s well-proven products are already being used by several of the world’s leading automakers and have been integrated by major telematics service centers in the U.S. and Europe.

“The decision by the world’s leading premium automaker to license our technology strengthens Airbiquity’s position in the automotive industry. We’re very excited about this announcement,” said David Jumpa, Airbiquity’s senior vice president of global business development.
“Innovative telematics offerings enable vehicle manufacturers to create competitive differentiation and strengthen customer relationships”, says Thilo Koslowski, vice president and lead automotive analyst at Gartner, Inc. “Market penetration of telematics-enabled vehicles will increase rapidly over the next six years in response to growing consumer demand for vehiclecentric information and communication technologies.”

The BMW Assist service employs advanced technology to bring the attention of a trained response specialist to the driver’s aid whenever needed. Combining an integrated wireless telephone and advanced digital and analog service for communication with a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver to determine the vehicle’s location, the service helps deliver safety, security and convenience benefits to enhance the driving experience.
“Airbiquity’s technology will make the safety and convenience of the BMW Assist service even faster and more reliable for services we plan for the future,” said Alan E. Harris, vice president of Aftersales for BMW of North America.

Automotive telematics combines global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking and other wireless communications for services such as automatic collision notification and remote diagnostics. Airbiquity’s patented in-band telematics modem software enables data transmission over wireless voice networks and is already deployed in more than five million cars and trucks. The company recently signed an agreement to license its aqLink modem software to Continental Automotive Systems, a supplier of telematics control units (TCUs) to auto manufacturers.

About Airbiquity
Airbiquity provides software solutions that enable product suppliers and service providers in the M2M and telematics industries to deliver reliable and ubiquitous data communications by leveraging existing wireless networks. Used by some of the largest automotive manufacturers in their telematics service offerings, Airbiquity’s patented aqLink software modem performs inband signaling for data communications over digital wireless telecommunications networks. To learn more about Airbiquity, please visit their web site at

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