First MF 2000 trainset new Paris metro into service

, France – On January 17, 2007, RATP, ALSTOM and its partners BOMBARDIER and AREVA TA put the pre-production MF 2000 trainset, the new Paris metro, into service on the city’s line 2.

Awarded in July 2001 to the consortium made up of ALSTOM, BOMBARDIER and AREVA TA, the contract called for the design, development and extensive testing of a pre-production train and included the option to purchase 160 trainsets. In April 2006, RATP converted a first option of 45 trainsets for its line 2.

The MF 2000 will replace up to 40% of the current RATP fleet on lines 2, 5 and 9 of the Parisian network. Currently in production at ALSTOM and BOMBARDIER sites in the Valenciennes area, the production trainsets will be delivered between the end of 2007 and 2009, at a rate of 20 units per year.

The MF 2000 will consume 30% less energy than a traditional metro, thanks to improvements in the traction system output and electric brakes that use recuperated energy. In addition, the dynamic performance of the MF 2000 has been optimized, allowing journey times to be reduced and operating frequency to be increased.
The on-board IT safety system, manufactured by AREVA TA, complies with the highest applicable standards (SIL 4).

Project management: distribution of tasks

  • ALSTOM Transport is responsible for the overall project management , piloted through its Centre of Excellence for metros in Valenciennes-Petite Forêt. It will supply the various components and sub-assemblies for energy production, traction-braking systems, as well as comfort IT systems, produced in Canada (Montreal) and France (Tarbes, Ornans and Villeurbanne plants). ALSTOM Transport will integrate these components into the train at its Valenciennes site, along with the components provided by the other consortium members and their suppliers. Finally, it will equip the cars, assemble the train and conduct testing before delivery to the RATP.
  • Bombardier Transport France, located in Crespin in the Valenciennes region, will supply driver cabs, bogies and painted carbodies.
  • AREVA TA, will supply the IT Security System, the Operating Parameter Recorders, the Track/Train Data Transmission Systems, and will take part in the acoustic and vibration studies.

Principal features and performance of the MF2000

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