GST will make driving safer and more comfortable

Brussels, Belgium – Driver’s safety, efficiency and comfort will be improved by a range of new services made possible by the ERTICO-coordinated GST (Global System for Telematics) project The GST framework architecture makes it possible to download a range of new services while on the move. After extensive testing within the project, a service contest was launched in September 2005 aimed at assessing the ability of companies external to the project to develop GST-compliant services. The number of entrants and the quality of ideas has been impressive, and the contest finalists include some well-known multinationals and innovative SMEs.

The GST standardised framework architecture, developed in cooperation with key stakeholders in the telematics industry and with the support of the European Commission, is a truly open architecture, capable of handling a variety of different services and programmable to meet the shifting needs of an ever-changing market.

Examples of services entered in the contest include an advanced carpooling system that uses a sophisticated identification system and interacts with public transport timetables to guide the user to the most appropriate bus, tram or train station. Another service – the Just-in-time-maintenance service – will detect any vehicle faults and either automatically fix them through a software update or automatically schedule a service appointment if the fault requires the attention of a mechanic.

ERTICO Head of Safety and Security Peter Van der Perre remarks:
“The GST framework architecture puts in place common mechanisms for installing, updating and removing in-vehicle services and applications. The contest has shown that with such an open architecture in place, developing new services and bringing them to market can happen very quickly and at significantly lower cost.”

“We are confident that it will be the key to unlocking a profitable market in chargeable in-vehicle services.”

Service contest success
The service contest was launched to increase awareness among service providers of the GST framework’s enormous potential and demonstrate its possibilities through the development of innovative new services. After a first assessment evaluating the proposed services according to their market attractiveness, 19 of the 40 applications were retained. From February to June 2006 these applicants developed their services with support from the GST project, using a GST software development kit and simulation environment. A second assessment in July 2006 then selected 13 finalists that had successfully developed a GST-compliant service. The finalists will now get the chance to refine and demonstrate their services at dedicated GST test sites.

An awards ceremony will take place at the ITS World Congress in London in October 2006, awarding gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as cash prizes to the top three finalists. The top 5 entries have been invited to showcase their service during the Congress.

For more information, visit the GST website or contact ERTICO Head of Security and Safety Peter Van der Perre

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