ERTICO: Removing barriers interoperable WIM systems

Brussels, Belgium – The REMOVE project has wrapped up its work and submitted its final report to the European Commission for approval. The project’s focus was to provide the European Commission with strategic, tactical, legal, technical and operational requirements for the harmonised and interoperable deployment of weigh-in-motion systems throughout the EU.

The REMOVE consortium included a unique group of partners from across the EU, including the enforcement community through TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) and European Control Route (ECR); the transport industry represented through ERTICO Partner IRU, Member State Ministries and academia. ERTICO Partners KLPD and ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers for England, Wales & Northern Ireland also took part in REMOVE as members of TISPOL.

The project’s activities were organised into the four broad areas of legal, technical and operational issues as well as cost-benefit analysis.

REMOVE outcomes:
REMOVE produced a number of studies, which include a comprehensive assessment of user requirements and use cases for the enforcement community, a revised model dealing with the issues of liability, and operational models which could enable all Member States to adopt enhanced compliance tactics in line with the recommendations from the project final report.

The project has shown a clear migratory path, which if chosen, could lead the European Union from a fragmented, and in some cases, discriminatory attitude to the enforcement of overloaded heavy goods vehicles to one in which the preferred option for those involved in the haulage industry is compliance.

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