UK Ports Statistics 2005

London, United Kingdom – The Department for Transport has 2006-05-25 published National Statistics on freight traffic handled at UK ports in 2005.

These provisional port statistics for 2005 show that:

  • Total freight traffic rose by 8.5 million tonnes (Mt) to 581.6 Mt in 2005, 1.5 per cent up on 2004.
  • Inwards traffic rose by 9.7 Mt to 352.1 Mt, whilst outwards traffic fell by 1.2 Mt to 229.4 Mt.
  • Freight traffic through the 52 major UK ports totalled 565.8 Mt, up 7.6 Mt on 2004. This represented 97 per cent of total UK port freight traffic in 2005.
  • Grimsby and Immingham maintained its position as the UK’s leading port in 2005 with 58.1 Mt (0.4 Mt up on 2004), followed by Tees and Hartlepool with 55.8 Mt (up 2.0 Mt) and London with 53.8 Mt (up 0.6 Mt).
  • The top ten ports in 2005 in terms of tonnage were as follows:
    • Grimsby and Immingham; 58.1 Million tonnes
    • Tees and Hartlepool; 55.8 Million tonnes
    • London; 53.8 Million tonnes
    • Southampton; 39.9 Million tonnes
    • Milford Haven; 37.4 Million tonnes
    • Forth; 34.2 Million tonnes
    • Liverpool; 33.8 Million tonnes
    • Felixstowe; 23.1 Million tonnes
    • Dover; 21.1 Million tonnes
    • Sullom Voe; 20.5 Million tonnes

  • 1. Information on port traffic is collected by the Department from ports in a statutory survey. The statistics for 2005 are provisional.
  • 2. The information relates to all cargoes loaded or unloaded by ship at ports in the UK. Inwards traffic includes foreign imports and domestic inwards traffic, whilst outwards traffic includes foreign exports and domestic outwards traffic. Major ports (52 in total) are those with total cargo of at least 1 million tonnes annually, plus a small number of ports with less tonnage.
  • 3. Final figures, together with much more detailed results, will be published in the annual report Maritime Statistics 2005 in October 2006. Maritime Statistics reports are produced annually by the Department and contain statistics of port traffic based on information on maritime freight movements supplied by several hundred shipping lines or their agents, and ports. The published statistics include the tonnages of the principal bulk commodities and the numbers of units and tonnage carried in containers, on road goods vehicles and unaccompanied trailers.
  • 4. The provisional statistics are available on the DfT web site under transport statistics:

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