ADB: Flood Management System in Southwest Tajikistan

Japan and ADB Putting in Place Flood Management System in Southwest Tajikistan

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Japan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are helping communities in southwest Tajikistan to be prepared when floods and other disasters strike.

The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR), through ADB, will provide a $3 million grant to enable 130 flood-prone villages in Khatlon province to anticipate and cope with floods and other disasters. The villages are situated in the five districts of Farkhor, Hamadoni, Vose, Pyandzh, and Shuroabad.

Every year, landslides, mudslides, and avalanches cause significant damage to houses, farms, irrigation systems, and transportation and communication infrastructure. Villages and rural areas are ill-prepared to face hazards and risks.

In very poor countries like Tajikistan, government resources are limited. It is unrealistic to expect the government to finance all aspects of disaster management programs. The grant emphasizes a partnership among communities, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and the Government in preparing for and addressing disasters.

The JFPR will support communities to respond to flood risks by enabling NGOs to work with villages to develop community-specific comprehensive packages. The plans will be endorsed by the national government’s Committee for Emergency Services (CES) and the local governments concerned.

Communities can then implement flood preparation, monitoring and mitigation plans appropriate for their own areas and resources.

“Rural households in the project area know that they will continue to face regular and increasing risks of floods and other disasters. With support, families can address these issues proactively at the community level in partnership with NGOs and the Government,” said Betty Wilkinson, Rural Development Specialist of ADB’s Central and West Asia Regional Department.

The Government, through the CES, will certify village preparedness, help provide safe havens and equipment, and run evacuation drills.

The project will also involve the restoration of select natural forest ecosystems, to strengthen riverbanks, protect household areas against floods, and provide added income based on these resources.

The JFPR project is linked to the Khatlon Province Flood Rehabilitation Project, a $23 million loan which has been implemented since November 2007. The loan project provides structural work in Hamadoni and assessments in other districts, as well as equipment for maintenance and capacity development for the Government’s comprehensive flood management planning.

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