Network Rail statement on Ladbroke Grove prosecution

London, United KIngdom – Network Rail 2006-10-31 appeared at Blackfriars Crown Court in relation to a prosecution of our predecessor organisation Railtrack for a health and safety offence relating to the 1999 tragedy at Ladbroke Grove.

Network Rail is being prosecuted as, upon the acquisition of Railtrack PLC, the company inherited the liabilities of that organisation. Network Rail today pleaded guilty to the health and safety charge and went on to inform the court that it would submit a written statement of the basis on which the plea had been entered.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: "The Ladbroke Grove tragedy was a terrible event for everyone involved. Lessons have been learnt and the rail industry has changed enormously for the better over the past seven years.

The tragedy happened before the Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) became available. TPWS automatically applies a train’s brakes if it is approaching a red signal too quickly to stop.

This system has greatly reduced the risk of an accident caused by a train passing a red light."

About Network Rail

Network Rail is the ‘not for dividend’ owner and operator of Britain’s railway infrastructure, which includes the tracks, signals, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, level crossings and stations – the largest of which we also manage. We aim to provide a safe, reliable and efficient rail infrastructure for freight and passenger trains to use. Our website:

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