Bilfinger Berger Award wants to provide new impetus

Professor Klaus Töpfer: "We are looking for solutions to the challenges faced by modern society".

Mannheim, Germany – Do inner-city toll zones really alleviate traffic jams and environmental problems in urban areas? How can public construction projects be financed despite tight budgets? These and many other questions are being discussed as part of the Bilfinger Berger Award, which was launched in August 2006. The aim of this competition is to promote knowledge transfer and provide new impetus for Germany. Winners will share prizes totalling €70,000.

People with expertise, such as scientists, professionals or journalists, are encouraged to submit studies on successful projects which have been implemented in other countries. Submissions should be received by the end of 2006. So far, studies on subjects ranging from flood water protection measures and possibilities to secure lasting mobility through to the efficiency of public private partnerships have been entered in the competition.

With the help of Germany’s renowned Prognos Institute, the future potential of the submissions is being analyzed. In addition, the best case studies will be published and made available for a broad-based public discussion. "We are strongly convinced that looking beyond national borders will be beneficial", says Herbert Bodner, Chairman of the Executive Board at Bilfinger Berger AG.

"All of the studies deal with concrete issues in modern, globalized society and present strategies on how they can best be solved", explains Professor Klaus Töpfer, chairman of the jury former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The jury also includes the well-known television journalist Dr. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, Dr. Michael Hüther, Director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln as well as Mathias Bucksteeg, Director at Prognos AG. "The national perspective is no longer enough, we must shift our view toward global contexts", says Mathias Bucksteeg.

Bilfinger Berger, a leading international construction and services group, is looking for best practice solutions in the areas of mobility and transport, urban development and real estate, environment and energy, public administration and procurement as well as privatization and outsourcing which have been successfully implemented in other parts of the world.

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