Second annual reports TEN-t network

Trans-European transport network: the Coordinators have sent Vice-President Barrot their second annual reports

Brussels, Belgium – Under the terms of their mission statements, the European Coordinators[1] mandated by the Commission to facilitate the implementation of certain priority projects of the trans-European transport network have sent Vice-President Barrot their second activity reports. The Coordinators have continued with their tasks and made recommendations to facilitate the implementation of the priority axes for which they are responsible.

"The European Coordinator is now recognised as a key player in the context of the trans-European networks. On the basis of this very good initial experience, I believe the arrangements should be extended to projects other than those for railway infrastructure. During the next few days the Commission will be appointing two new Coordinators who will be responsible for invigorating the projects relating to the "motorways of the sea" and inland waterways. The work carried out by the Coordinators is starting to produce tangible results, in terms of both planning and the coordination of transport policies. I am therefore pleased with their contribution to the development of the trans-European transport networks", said Mr Barrot.

These reports constitute an inventory, as at 19 July 2007, of each of the six projects concerned.

The reports, from which many lessons can be learned, come at an important time in terms of financial planning for the trans-European transport networks for the period 2007-13.

The Coordinators’ activity reports can be viewed at:

[1] Commission Decision No C (2005) 2754 of 20 July 2005, as amended by Decision No C (2007) 3190 of 5 July 2007 appointing:

  • Mr Karel Van Miert, for priority project No 1 (Berlin-Verona/Milan-Bologna-Naples-Messina-Palermo rail link);
  • Mr Etienne Davignon, for priority project No 3 (South-west European high-speed rail link);
  • Mr Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, for priority project No 6 (Lyon-Trieste-Divača/Koper-Divača-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian frontier rail link);
  • Mr Péter Balázs, for priority project No 17 (Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Vienna-Bratislava rail link);
  • Mr Pavel Telicka, for priority project No 27 (“Rail Baltica” Warsaw-Kaunas-Riga-Tallinn-Helsinki rail link);
  • Mr Karel Vinck for the ERTMS project.

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