EC approves Italian aid scheme road hauliers

Commission gives green light for State aid to protect Lake Maggiore area in Piedmont Region

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission has decided 2007-05-10 not to raise any objections to the aid scheme proposed by Italian authorities to compensate motorway toll costs imposed on road hauliers. The scheme is a result of the mandatory diversion of traffic from the Lake Maggiore trunk road to the motorway.

In order to guarantee the safety of citizens, protect the environment and promote tourism in the area of Lake Maggiore, the Piedmont Region decided to divert heavy vehicles traffic from the trunk road to the motorway during summer periods. The measure is aimed at compensating the motorway toll costs imposed on road hauliers. The Italian authorities plan to apply the scheme until 2009.

The Commission has taken into account that the measure will help maintain the area as a tourist attraction and has only limited impact on the market.

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Bron: European Commission