Siemens: Order to extend metro Monterrey, Mexico

Erlangen, Germany – Siemens Transportation Systems (TS) has received an order from the metro operator “Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey” in Monterrey, Mexico, to extend metro line 2. Partners in the consortium are Bombardier Transportation Mexico and the Mexican construction company Constructora Garza Ponce. The share of the consortium leader Siemens in this turnkey project amounts to 72 million euros.

Siemens TS is responsible for system engineering and systems management as well as the power supply system, the signaling and safety equipment, the telecommunications system and the ticketing system. Construction work started in August 2005 and com­pletion of the 8.5-km-long section is scheduled for October 2007. This additional order means that TS will again be the main supplier of the electromechanical equipment for this section of line after supplying the equipment for Line 1 (1988) and Line 2 (1994).

The new section of track has a total of seven stations and stretches north from the pre­vious terminus “General Anaya“ to the new terminus “Sendero“, with 1.5 kilometers in a tunnel and 7 kilometers elevated. The extension connects the city center and the east-west line 1 with the Plaza de Toros, the baseball stadium, the soccer stadium, the uni­versity and the municipal districts of San Nicolas and Escobedo. The extension means that the network will be enlarged from a length of 24 kilometers to 32.5 kilometers in total.

The new order for Siemens is the result of almost two decades of ongoing and very successful collaboration between Metrorrey und Siemens. As Raymundo Flores Elizondo, General Director of Metrorrey said, “Siemens has been working for our company for 17 years now and has always fulfilled its obligations to our utmost satisfaction. Recently, when we urgently needed a new interlocking station, Siemens was there to help us immediately.”

The daily transport capacity of Metrorrey, which is currently around 165,000 people per day, will be increased considerably when the extension is integrated in the network. By 2012, the metro operator wants to double its transport capacity.

With almost four million inhabitants, Monterrey is the third-largest city in Mexico. Around one million people live in the northern part of the city, which, thanks to the new metro section, will have a better connection to the city center.

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