Center Systems purchased by Efkon AG

Vienna, Austria – The Styrian company EFKON AG has purchased Center Systems with retroactive effect as of January 1st, 2006 – subject to the decision of the competent anti-trust court – from the B&C Holding Group, which was until recently the financial investor in Center Systems, in cooperation with the general management of Center Systems. The goal of this new strategic alignment is an increased international alignment of Center Systems and at the same time a boost in innovation in the products and services of both companies.

Who is EFKON AG:
EFKON AG is a leading international company in the area of transportation payment, known in particular as a provider of toll system technology and active infrared communication, headquartered in Graz. With the company EFKON AG, we have found a successful strategic partner for whom the innovation of new products stands at the fore. EFKON AG is already represented within its business areas in Europe, the USA, India, Southeast Asia and South Africa, in other words in future markets for which we have long had products in our portfolio.
In conjunction with EFKON AG, access to these markets will be much easier for us. Center Systems in turn covers areas that EFKON AG has to date not been active in, such as tunnel radio, rail radio and command & control systems.
EFKON AG earned a turnover of about 40 million euro in the year 2005 with roughly 370 employees. Center systems achieved a turnover of about 20 million euro with approximately 130 employees in Austria and Germany during the last fiscal year.

Center remains Center:
The company structure, the name, the Center brand and the management all remain unchanged.