Alcatel powers Madrid-Toledo high-speed line

Paris – Alcatel announced today that the new Madrid-Toledo high-speed line, equipped with Alcatel
signaling systems, was inaugurated by the Spanish President José Luis
Rodríguez Zapatero, together with the Minister of Development and the
presidents of Adif and RENFE, among other public authorities.

The new link, which uses the Madrid-Sevilla high-speed line from Madrid to
La Sagra, and which is equipped with Alcatel signaling technology,
continues with a new section from La Sagra to Toledo, where Alcatel has
also provided the technology for the command and control of trains.

The contract was signed at the end of 2003 with the consortium made up of
Alcatel, Siemens and Dimetronic. Alcatel, responsible in this consortium
for the train control and supervision technology, and the technical
building construction and conditioning, has provided for this purpose, the
European standard ERTMS/ETCS system, as well as the LZB system, ensuring
compatibility between the signaling of the new section and the existing

For this project, besides the ETCS and LZB systems, Alcatel is responsible
for the technical adaptations required to the electronic interlocking of La
Sagra and to the Madrid-Atocha Control Center, which are both equipped with
Alcatel railway signaling technology.

Alfredo Redondo, CEO of Alcatel in Spain, stated the following: “It is a
great honor and a great responsibility for us that, in the Spanish
high-speed rail sector, starting with the Madrid-Sevilla AVE in 1992,
Alcatel has, from the beginning, been closely linked to the rest of
projects. This confirms our leadership in signaling systems. High-speed
train projects such as Lleida-Barcelona, Segovia-Valladolid, Madrid-Toledo
and Córdoba-Málaga are good evidences of this leadership”.

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