SENSIT informs truckers about current parking situation on their route

At a truck parking along an important route in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Nedap AVI has installed the SENSIT, a wireless platform that detects vehicles occupancy in parking spots and reports this information in real time. The information can then be relayed to drivers to inform them about the current occupancy at the parking facility, through digital signage along the way or via smart phone application. With the SENSIT technology in place, Nedap AVI is able to increase the comfort and safety of the over-the-road trucker.

As it is everywhere, transportation is of great importance for the Netherlands. Truckers transport products daily from the Netherlands to their destinations throughout Europe. In the interest of safety and efficiency, drivers must adhere to strict travel and rest times. With access to such real-time occupancy information, truckers may quickly and accurately search for a place to rest, eat, or stay without having to incur delays by exiting the roadway to do so. Timely information on the route increases comfort and safety in this way.

This recent installation of the SENSIT at a truck parking facility along the road between Arnhem and Enschede to Germany, an important route in the eastern part of the Netherlands. This allows the facility to inform drivers about the current occupancy at the parking facility in real-time through digital information along the way or an application on their smart phone.

The sensor uses both an infrared technique and the magnetic field, making the output very reliable and real-time. By integrating the output into a central parking program, the owner can easily manage the parking facility. Besides the current occupancy, the actual parking time can also be measured, which allows them to map out and assess long-term stays.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: Nedap Identification Systems