Energy Council Progress Report adopted

Commission welcomes substantial progress in the Council for the internal energy market package

Brussels, Belgium – Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs welcomed the progress made by the Council on the Internal Market Package, as seen in the Portuguese Presidency’s Progress Report, adopted today in the Energy Council. The report indicates that "a significant number" of Member States agree that ownership unbundling is necessary, whereas only "some" remain to be convinced. The report also indicates that all Member States agree that unbundling rules should be similar to avoid distortions between Member States in the internal market and that they have to be based on independently run "networks that guarantee independence of decisions on investment in infrastructure.

After the Council Commissioner Piebalgs stated: "I welcome the progress made by the Council and I am happy to discuss with Member States any alternatives that they may propose on unbundling, but I think that these conclusions make it clear that any solution, if it is to meet the strict conditions agreed by all, will have to involve real structural change similar to the Commission’s package. I look forward to working closely with the European Parliament and the Slovenian Presidency to reach an agreement on these proposals during the first half of 2008. Our citizens have every right to expect that action in this area is taken as a matter of urgency. In a time of high energy prices and growing global competition, a well functioning market is more essential than ever", he added.

The Commission also welcomed important progress in other elements of the package. It noted very considerable success on practically all issues, including the powers and independence of national regulators and the need for a mechanism to improve the coordination of national energy regulators, although some work is still needed to agree the structure a real Agency to carry out such a task.

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