European toll systems united in one box

Brussels. Belgium – The Road Charging Interoperability (RCI) project launched a 5000-km long, first of its kind, tour of two trucks demonstrating true interoperable road charging while seamlessly crossing six different European countries.

The EC co-funds the RCI project to demonstrate and validate how RCI interoperable prototypes seamlessly and without user intervention adapt functional behaviour when crossing borders according to the rules that apply for the German (Toll Collect), Swiss (LSVA), French (TIS-PL), Spanish (VIA-T), Italian (TELEPASS) and Austrian (ASFINAG) tolling schemes.

Interoperability of road charging allows its users to drive anywhere in Europe and be rewarded or charged according to specific rules that are defined by the toll charger (road toll operators or Member State) by subscribing to a single service contract and equipping their vehicles with a single onboard unit instead of separate box for each environment. Through Directive 2004/52, interoperability has become a high priority for the EC.

The launch of the RCI trucks is a new European milestone. The functional validation of the RCI prototypes based on an open technical architecture will help European stakeholders, including industry, operators, service providers and public authorities and the EC in advancing the definition of a European Electronic Tolling Service (EETS).

Johannes Springer, one of the co-chairs of the RCI Steering Committee and representing Toll Collect, said “This is the first demonstration ever of interoperable prototypes that are based on an open architecture and that are capable of working at the functional level in all the different charging environments in Europe”. Philippe Lassauce, the other co-chair of the RCI Steering Committee and representing ASFA supplemented “During the demonstrations in France, these prototypes carry out transactions in an operational environment that are subject to real billing showing a first technical implementation that is built upon the CESARE III model and that considers the related roles, responsibilities and contractual aspects for the actors when operating an interoperable European road charging service.”

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