2007 Road Safety Award Last Call for Submissions

Deadline for submission is October 15th, 2007

Vernier Geneva, Switzerland – ‘Road Safety is no accident’ – the slogan of the 2007 United Nations Road Safety Week describes the problem of road safety well. Approximately 1.2m people die annually on the roads; up to 50m are injured. Road accident injuries are the first cause of death for the age group 15-19 years world-wide. Aside from the human tragedy, this causes a big economic impact. Acknowledging that certain statistics (on road injuries especially) should be treated with caution, the WHO nonetheless puts the cost at $518 billion globally per year. These figures call for urgent actions.

The International Road Federation is proud to call for the 3rd time for submissions for the Annual Road Safety Award for the best initiatives, innovations and research work carried out in the area of Road Safety during the year 2006/2007.

Projects should be completed and results measurable. The International Road Federation would like to encourage particularly projects related to the road infrastructure.

Thus, we invite stakeholders to submit projects in the field of ROAD SAFETY either carried out themselves, or by any other associated member, for appraisal by an international Jury.

These projects will be evaluated and the 2007 IRF Road Safety Award will be presented early 2008.

Deadline for submission is October 15, 2007 to the IRF Secretariat in Geneva, care of Miss Maria Novikov mnovikov@irfnet.org

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Bron: IRF International Road Federation