Siemens equips Vilnius with new traffic control system

Erlangen, Germany – In conjunction with a consortium composed of the companies Eismas Ltd., Fima Ltd. and Hnit-Baltic GeoInfoservisas, the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Group is equipping the city of Vilnius in Lithuania with a traffic management system. The municipal authorities want to improve control over the rising amount of traffic in the city center and, at the same time, prevent traffic jams. The system will supplement existing standalone solutions, create a link-up between all traffic data and enable central traffic management. The new system is scheduled to start operating at the beginning of 2008. The total value of the project is around 7 million euros.

With an area of 392 square kilometers, Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania. In the last few years, the quantity of vehicles and therefore the volume of private and public traffic on the road have increased sharply. In order to improve safety and the flow of traffic, Vilnius is to install the Sitraffic Concert traffic management system from Siemens and will therefore be the first city in the Baltic states to implement intelligent traffic management.

The system collates all the traffic information from different sources, thus enabling central traffic management. Concert is compatible with all technical systems that are used for traffic control, even non-Siemens systems. Because all the information is available in one place, the traffic can be controlled and the flow of traffic optimized in line with the situation at any given time. Concert integrates all traffic flows such as cars
looking for a parking space and private individual traffic as well as different traffic areas such as the city center, highways and the counties. In doing so, the system makes use of standards, two of which being TMC (Traffic Message Channel) and CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision). CCTV will be used for video monitoring of accident blackspots and for tunnels. TMC is a radio broadcasting system with which traffic announcements can be broadcast. Up-to-date information concerning congestion, building sites and the weather, for example, can be taken directly from the traffic management system and published: e.g. on the Internet, on traffic display panels, by SMS or by e-mail.

For road users, this integrated traffic management system will mean faster traffic movement, fewer jams and, for urban mass transit, reliable adherence to timetables as such vehicles are given priority on the roads in the city. Fire brigade vehicles, for example, will also be given a "green wave" because the management system is directly connected to the traffic lights. As part of a maintenance contract, the system will be looked after by Siemens for a period of ten years after installation and start-up.

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