Siemens equips Liege Airport with lighting systems

Siemens equips Liège Airport with airfield lighting and monitoring system

Erlangen, Germany – The Siemens subsidiary, N.V. ADB S.A., has received an order from the Fabricom GTI consortium, Belgium, and SM Yvan Paque – VSE, Belgium, to equip Liège Airport with airfield lighting, including a monitoring system. As a result of the modernization, the runways will be brought up to the latest technical standard. This will mean a high level of safety in all weather conditions. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2007.

Liège Airport is to the north-west of Liège in the east part of Belgium. It is the first European airport with scheduled destinations that are primarily selected to meet freight transport requirements and only secondarily for passengers. It is now one of the top ten air freight airports. In the last five years, its freight and passenger transport has risen by 20 per cent. The airport has two take-off runways of the categories 1 and 2 (CAT 1 and CAT 2) and, since 1998, has been European hub of TNT Express.

ADB will supply the airfield lighting equipment for the new Apron ‘North’ and all four related taxiways. The taxiways will be equipped with a complete LED lighting system, including stop bars. The energy-saving LED lights ensure an average lifetime of more than 100.000 hours in normal operating conditions and only require a very small amount of maintenance. The apron, which is used for positioning, parking and processing aircraft, will be fitted with yellow and red omni-directional lights, type FTO.

The lighting will be controlled by an ALCS (Airfield Lighting Control System), which is connected to the lights by ±1800 AGLAS (Airfield Ground Lighting Automation System) remotes. This connection enables the ALCS system to switch the lights on and off individually and modify their brightness. It also enables preprogrammed settings as well as analysis and maintenance. Because each component can be controlled individually and exactly, flexible use can be made of each segment of the taxiways and of the apron as well. The consequence is a very high level of efficiency and safety. All the functions will be controlled via a graphic user interface.

The entire material will be supplied by Siemens ADB. The installation work will be done by Fabricom GTI. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2007.

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ITS A (Airfield), including N.V. ADB S.A., Zaventem, Belgium and Siemens Airfield Solutions (SAS), Columbus/Ohio, USA is a market leader in the systems and services business for Airfield Ground Lighting. The business subdivision is part of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), and as such of the Siemens Airports board which bundles and integrates all Siemens products, services and systems to provide airport solutions designed to meet each customer´s specific requirements. The parties involved are Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), Automation and Drives (A&D), Siemens Building Technologies (SBT), Siemens Business Services Group (SBS), Communications (Com) and Transportation Systems (TS).

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