Conference Managing Road Surfaces to Improve Safety

Reducing Accidents! Saving Lives!
Second announcement and Call for Papers

Nailsea, North Somerset, United Kingdom – The 2008 Conference on Managing Road and Runway Surfaces to Improve Safety provides a unique opportunity to meet professionals from all over the world covering all aspects of road safety – and the subject could not be more topical, nor offer more cost effective opportunities to reduce accidents, as recent developments have shown.

Nearly 400 flights and more than 25,000 passengers were affected when Bristol International Airport in the UK was shut down for four days this January following claims that aircraft had skidded on landing in wet conditions.

Ten airlines cancelled or diverted flights after Easyjet raised concerns over the safety of the new £17m resurfaced runway. Despite assurances from the Civil Aviation Authority that the runway was safe, the Airport had to cut additional grooving to increase drainage on the temporary sections of the runway.

Meanwhile, on the roads, evidence demonstrates a successful skid policy can deliver a reduction of 30% in the wet road crash rate. A stunning outcome from implementing this policy is it also delivered a benefit cost ratio of 40:1. Transit New Zealand found these results when it implemented a skid policy on its state highway network. As a result of this success, Transit NZ can be said to be leading the adoption of a proactive approach to skid resistance in the 21st Century.

The industry generally is facing up to these and similar challenges and the 2008 Conference will provide a platform to present, evaluate and disseminate the latest knowledge and best practice.

It will also give anyone involved in reducing accidents and increasing safety on roads and runways an exciting opportunity to contribute to the debate on this global issue. There will also be the chance to learn how to improve performance, provide innovative solutions and adopt best practice.

Call for Papers
If you are using novel approaches or materials, or just applying standard procedures but achieving successes, then this is also the time to share your knowledge by offering a paper You have until 1 June, 2007, to submit an abstract of up to 250 words.

The 2008 Conference will bring together all interested parties, including stakeholders and industry experts, for an exciting mix of workshops and dynamic breakout sessions, plus innovative and informative papers and keynote speeches describing new developments and the application of best practice.

Whilst addressing all aspects of road safety related to the road surface, sessions will include stakeholder requirements, assessment, materials, design, construction, maintenance and policy, with presenters sharing ideas, programmes and products that have proved effective in reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities.

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