Communication technologies for vehicles workshop

CVIS to be featured at communication technologies for vehicles workshop

Brussels, Belgium – 14 December 2006 event supported by ERTICO Partner Vlaamse Gemeenschap looks at developments and trends in this area.

ERTICO Head of Efficiency & Environment Paul Kompfner will present the EC-supported, ERTICO-coordinated CVIS Integrated Project at the "Communication Technologies for Vehicles – Trends & Actual Situation" workshop on 14 December 2006 in Essene, Belgium. The workshop is co-organised by Flanders’ DRIVE – a project supported by ERTICO Partner Vlaamse Gemeenschap – and the Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT).

Flanders’ DRIVE is the platform for innovation and excellence within the Flemish vehicle industry. It aims to strategically strengthen the product development capacity of the vehicle supplier industry in Flanders.

The 14 December 2006 workshop aims to provide an understanding and a view of the future applications and communication technologies still under development. Future vehicle innovation will not be confined to the inside of the vehicle, but will also take place in the road infrastructure. In the near future, new applications will be developed in which V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) communication technologies will be essential.

CVIS’ contribution
Mr Kompfner’s presentation, entitled "The CVIS Project: Connecting the Car & Driver with the Infrastructure", will highlight the CVIS project’s work in developing an open communication services platform for the vehicle, and a corresponding unit for interfacing to roadside equipment and services. This will permit vehicles to be “always online” while on the move, and open the door to a world of innovative applications to improve driver comfort, transport efficiency and safety.

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CVIS: Helping Cars and Infrastructure cooperate

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