Highways Agency plans 1.6m pound A47 improvements

The Highways Agency is planning a package of safety measures for the Acle Straight in Norfolk.

United Kingdom – The Highways Agency is planning a £1.6 million package of safety measures for the A47 Acle Straight in Norfolk.

Improvements will be carried out over the next two to three years, with other improvements being considered for the long-term.

The package includes resurfacing, visibility improvements, vehicle-activated signs and safety cameras.

Studies will be carried out regarding the effectiveness of these measures before trialling further schemes, such as intelligent road studs.

The measures are being planned in response to the fatality rate on the road.

A number of deaths have ensued as a result of cars leaving the carriageway and crashing into the adjacent dykes.

While it is not currently possible to remove the dykes, the Agency is to carry out a £40,000 dyke relocation feasibility study in case the Acle Straight needs to be widened.

This will aid the Agency in understanding the environmental impact of moving the dykes.

In the meantime, the new safety measures will help to improve safety in an environmentally-conscious manner.

"The government is committed to improving the road network and to making our roads as safe as possible and we are investing heavily across the country to deliver that," said roads minister Dr Stephen Ladyman.

"We know that there is concern over the safety of the Acle Straight. These measures will improve the safety of the road at the same time as protecting the environment."track

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