Success of new road drain system

The Highways Agency has completed the trial of a new road drainage system in Kent.

United Kingdom – The Highways Agency has hailed the trial of an innovative new road drainage system a success.

The system was trialled on the A2/M2 in Kent and drains water off roads and onto roadside verges in a safe and reliable manner.

It has numerous environmental benefits, as it helps to prevent road pollution from contaminating natural water resources by routing road water into grass-lined channels in the verges.

"We wanted to use a green solution, not only for the benefits to the environment, but also because this system is more pleasing to look at," said Santi Santhalingam, principal specialist in drainage and water quality for the Agency.

"With climate change in mind, the channels are also designed to cope with heavier than normal rain."

The system also offers flood protection by slowing the flow of the water and is easy to maintain.

Phil Chatfield, policy adviser for pollution prevention at the Environment Agency, commented: "We are promoting more sustainable drainage systems, known as SUDS, which protect water quality, reduce flood risk and improve amenity.

"These grass channels are a welcome innovation which should help to reduce the risk of road drainage damaging our rivers and groundwaters."

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