New DVD for young drivers UK

Cartoon characters set to help drivers aged 16 to 19 to spot hazards on the road.

United Kingdom – A new interactive DVD from the Highways Agency is to help young drivers identify accident hazards.

‘Now That’s What I Call Worst Hits’, which features cartoon characters Gaz, Shaz and Chaz, picks the ten most common accident scenarios for drivers aged between 16 and 19.

It spells out the consequences for such accidents and aims to reduce such incidents occurring.

The Agency says that drivers in the youngest age group are more likely to be killed or seriously injured on motorways and A-roads in England than any other age group.

"Young drivers may pride themselves on their fast reactions, but research shows they often fail to spot hazards and are more likely to take risks on the road," said road safety minister Stephen Ladyman.

"Every death or injury affects not just those involved, but families and friends too, so everyone – young and old – has a vital role to play in reducing even further the number of accidents on our roads."

Incidents such as overtaking on roundabouts, lack of concentration on the road, lane-hopping and failing to wear seatbelts are among the scenarios outlined in the DVD.

The DVD features a state-of-the-art fusion of 2D and 3D graphics to present the most likely crash scenarios in a top-ten style, with narration by actor Tom Baker, the ‘voice’ of Little Britain.

In each scenario, players have three possible actions, one of them safe, two of them risky.

Players make their choices and then see the consequences of their actions.

Supported by the Driving Standards Agency and the Department for Transport’s Think! road safety campaign, the DVD will be made available to the fire service, police, local authorities and other organisations that are involved with young people.

Professionals working with youg people who would like more information about the DVD, please contact us at

Accident statistics for 16 – 19 year olds killed or seriously injured on the Highways Agency network between 2002 and 2004

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