New M1 signs help drivers

New information signs on the M1 will help road users to avoid delays.

United Kingdom – New overhead information signs on the M1 will help drivers and other road users to become aware of potential accidents or delays ahead of them.

The scheme to install these signs started summer 2005 and has been completed in june 2006.

New signs and associated automatic incident detection equipment have been installed on both carriageways of the M1 between Junction 4 (Elstree) and Junction 6a (Abbotts Langley).

A total of 18 Motorway Signal Mark 3 signs have been installed and will be operated by the National Traffic Control Centre in Birmingham and by the Highways Agency from the regional control room at South Mimms.

A hi-tech communications system, MIDAS (Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling) uses detector loops in the road surface to measure traffic flows.

It automatically informs drivers of delays and road conditions ahead via the overhead signs, helping to reduce accidents and delays in the queues.

"We are pleased that this new communication system will help drivers to make early decisions about when to turn off the motorway if there are delays ahead," said Graham Threader, project manager for the Agency.

"The signs will also help to reduce accidents by warning drivers that there are queues ahead, giving them advance information to allow them to slow down in time," he added.

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Bron: Highways Agency