Heijmans to renovate A2/A67 Eindhoven Ring-Road

’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands – Heijmans is to reconstruct the A2/A67 ring-road in Eindhoven. The 17-kilometre long motorway will be widened. Heijmans will design and build the engineering work and asphalting, but will also install the lighting and noise barriers. The full-service approach, involving various group divisions working together, means that the construction time can be shortened from five to four years. The contract is valued at over 294 million euros.

At Heijmans Infra, Wegenbouw (road-building), Beton- en Waterbouw (concrete construction and hydraulics), Verkeerstechnieken (traffic technology) and Technische Infra (technical infrastructure) will work on this project. This collaboration facilitates a more efficient approach and more efficient logistics. The design will be implemented in stages, with the parallel carriageways being built first, followed by the main carriageways. This will enable maximum circulation of traffic during the work and road-users will be subjected to as little inconvenience as possible. All this has resulted in a considerable shortening of the construction time.

Maximum circulation of traffic
The Eindhoven ring-road is to be replaced over a 17-kilometre route between the Batadorp and Leenderheide junctions. Both these junctions, as well as the De Hogt and Poot van Metz junctions will be reconstructed. By separating the main carriageways and the parallel carriageways (4×2), supraregional through traffic will be separated from local/regional traffic heading for Eindhoven and the surrounding areas. This is important in order to facilitate the best possible circulation of traffic.

Apart from the road surface, almost all the 70 structural works on the route will be completely replaced. Likewise, new noise barriers, Dynamic Traffic Management portals and systems, as well as street lighting will be installed. The project also involves maintenance of the existing infrastructure during the work on the reconstruction, and maintenance for 26 weeks after completion.

Contract form
Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands Department of Public Works, has chosen to use an innovative way of approaching the market for this contract. Because of this, Heijmans is able to display its knowledge and skills to best advantage due to the integration of its knowledge of design and implementation. This knowledge is one of Heijmans’ priority areas and fits with its full service strategy.

The construction of the A2 ring-road will start autumn 2006. It should be completed by the middle of 2010.

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