UK Roadworks lifted for Bank Holiday

United Kingdom – Roadworks at 25 major locations on English motorways and major A-roads will be removed for the Bank Holiday weekend. In addition work on ten schemes has been completed ahead of the holiday.

Heavy traffic at peak holiday periods can affect journey timings, particularly on popular routes. This is why the Highways Agency is committed to remove or complete roadworks at this busy time.

Easing driver congestion on England’s motorways and major trunk roads is our aim.

Drivers should plan their journeys before setting out the Highways Agency advises.

Minister for roads, Dr Stephen Ladyman, said: "Drivers will enjoy easier journeys over the holiday weekend as the Highways Agency, once again, lifts 25 roadworks on England’s motorways and major roads. The Agency also provides a range of information to help drivers plan their journeys."

Roadworks and lane restrictions are being removed between Friday May 26th and midnight on Bank Holiday Monday. For safety reasons, roadworks at fifty-four locations will remain.

The Highways Agency is using 1,400 safety signs to manage and provide drivers with information about conditions on the network.

A comprehensive list of roadworks that will be suspended, completed early or retained can be accessed at the links below.

Roadworks remaining over Bank Holiday
Roadworks completed by Bank Holiday

Roadworks suspended over Bank Holiday

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