Q-free wins contract on-board units Tamar bridge UK

UK identified as one of the most significant markets in Europe

Trondheim, Norway – During the third quarter of 2006 Q-Free will deliver OBUs (On Board Units) to the British market worth approximately NOK 3 million (£260,000). This is the first OBU contract for Q-Free in Great Britain and is due to be delivered to the Tamar toll bridge in Plymouth autumn 2006.

Q-Free regards this contract as strategically important as it may result in considerable contracts in the UK in the years ahead, which has the potential to develop into one of the largest markets for road pricing systems in Europe.

Geir Ove Kjesbu, Q-Free CEO, said, “Delivery of OBUs at an early stage in the UK’s adoption of the technology, as in this case, is crucial to achieve an improved position in the market. Our target is to make Q-Free`s solutions a British standard product for road pricing systems. “We are of course pleased that our technology was considered best suited, especially since the award was won against hard international competition from other road charging specialists.”

British authorities have allocated considerable investment, channelled through the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF), for the purpose of testing solutions for road pricing and traffic management. The Government will, through TIF, identify solutions that fit the local requirements in a large number of cities.

London introduced a congestion charging system in 2002 with great success, resulting in increased mobility and decreased pollution. London is now evaluating a Q-Free upgrade of the present video-based solution to a DSRC-based solution, i.e. OBUs and associated infrastructure.

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