ERF: Better roads, better world

Brussels, Belgium – Meeting on 3 April 2006, in Amsterdam, the World Executive Board (WEB) of the International Road Federation (IRF) endorsed a new global structure which will better serve members and the wider road community, and reaffirm the IRF’s role as the leading road organisation of reference.

Since its creation in 1948, the IRF has been instrumental in coordinating the views of the road sector and promoting better road infrastructure worldwide. Now, under a new global structure, which pulls together the resources of its three programme centres, including the recently incorporated European Union Road Federation (ERF), the IRF strengthens this role as it reaffirms its mission to further the development of safe, efficient, affordable and environmentally sustainable road networks.

Manfred Swarovski, IRF Chairman, stated that "with over 300 members spread across 90 countries, the IRF is the only global platform representing the full spectrum of players involved in road planning, development, construction, management and usage, meaning the IRF is the voice of the international road."

Acting as a unified organisation, with an output-driven agenda and established links with institutions worldwide, the IRF will offer greater support to the global road community, by providing enhanced advocacy, networking, training and research services. The IRF’s three strategically located programme centres, in Geneva (headquarters), Washington DC and now Brussels, will ensure worldwide diffusion of the IRF message that better roads lead to a better world.

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Bron: European Union Road Federation (ERF)