Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics: 2006 UK

London, United Kingdom – The Department for Transport has 2006-05-18 published a Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics: 2006 Edition. The Compendium brings together information from a range of sources to provide a comprehensive picture of motorcycling in Great Britain. The first Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics was published in October 2004. This Edition, which is published online only, brings the Compendium up to date by including the latest data currently available. Users may wish to note that 2005 data on road accidents will be published in June 2006 in Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results: 2005.

The publication has been prepared by DfT statisticians with help from the Motor Cycle Industry Association, the Motorcycle Action Group and the British Motorcyclists Federation. It covers all types of two-wheeled motor vehicle transport, including motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Statistics are presented in four chapters:

  • 1: Motorcyclists – statistics on motorcycle ownership and training;
  • 2: Motorcycles – information about the machines and their characteristics;
  • 3: Journeys made – their number, purpose and characteristics;
  • 4: Motorcycling safety – statistics on road accidents involving motorcycles, and the associated casualties.

  • 1. Most of the statistics in the Compendium are National Statistics. However, some of the figures included are not National Statistics – for example, membership figures from MAG(UK) and the BMF . These are clearly identified in the publication.
  • 2. The Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics: 2006 Edition, DfT Statistical Bulletin SB(06)XX, will be available for viewing at the following address:

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