Launch of CEVITTS 2012 – Electric vehicles charging and infrastructures

CEVITTS and Intertraffic – a perfect match

RAI Exhibitions and Syllabuzz Exhibitions are pleased to announce the launch of a new event, CEVITTS (Charging Electric Vehicles Infra Technology Trade Show). CEVITTS 2012 will take place from 27-30 March 2012 alongside Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012 in the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam. CEVITTS will comprise a specialist exhibition with solutions in the field of public, commercial and private electric vehicle charging systems and the deployment of charging technologies and the accompanying infrastructure. Two series of conferences, a dedicated seminar programme and special pavilions complete the offering.

Tremendous opportunities

The imminent roll-out of mass market electric vehicles means that each country will have to deal with a new load on their grids and will need to develop the necessary charging infrastructure both in public places and the home to support them. These stations won’t necessarily be on the corner but rather located at movie theatres, shopping centres, coffee shops, conference centres, restaurants and the office car park. This rapidly growing network will provide tremendous opportunities to manufacturers, wholesalers, installers, service providers, builders, designers, architects, importers, agents, etc.

Efficient co-location with Intertraffic Amsterdam – a perfect match

CEVITTS 2012 will attract a global audience interested in the rapidly evolving developments provided by the charging and infrastructural developments. Intertraffic Amsterdam welcomes professionals from around the world involved in traffic infrastructure, ITS traffic management, road safety and parking. A large part of the 25,000+ Intertraffic audience (especially policy makers, specialists and operational personnel from government authorities, engineering consultancies, market leaders and innovators) will take an interest in CEVITTS, hence this co-location will be beneficial and efficient for both visitors and exhibitors alike.

The CEVITTS conference series

Two conferences series will be staged during CEVITTS 2012. The ‘Technical series’ will showcase the main developments and trends regarding the charging of electric vehicles and the supporting infrastructure. The ‘Business series’ will give an overview of commercial charging possibilities for various different market players who would like to exploit the rapidly evolving EV development.

The CEVITTS seminar programme

The free to attend seminar programme will feature technical presentations by exhibitors of products and services that have already been launched, presentations on trends, market developments and business cases, as well as pilot project results, panel discussions, tenders and project launches.

Special pavilions

CEVITTS will also showcase distributed renewable solutions for local governments, business and residential customers to meet their care for a clean environment and their leaning towards energy independence. In addition, worldwide projects around the infrastructure of electric vehicles will be highlighted in a special pavilion.

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