HTS Provides 70 License Plate Recognition Software Packages to Engebras

Rishon LeZion, Israel – HTS (Hi-Tech Solutions), a developer and provider of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems, today announced that it has sold 70 license plate recognition software packages to Engebras, a Brazilian provider of high performance systems for traffic safety and access control.

HTS’s software is integrated with major product lines of Engebras’s traffic management and security systems. The systems can be controlled locally or online, via the Web, and can be integrated with police databases, depending on customer needs.

“The current deal is another milestone in the relationship between HTS and Engebras, and follows past sales of hundreds of HTS’s license plate recognition software packages to Engebras,” said Meta Rotenberg, VP Business Development, HTS. “Engebras’s selection of our software is further recognition of the high quality of our products and the high standards of our company.”

“HTS’s license plate recognition software significantly enhances our systems, enabling Brazilian authorities to enforce speed limits and red light laws, increase traffic safety and reduce accident rates,” said Newman Silva, Engebras’s Technology Director. “The new systems with HTS’s software are deployed across Brazil in various states, counties and cities.”

HTS’s license plate recognition software is integrated with the following Engebras products:

  • RIT 200 IAP – a fixed system that identifies vehicle plate numbers and compares them with a database of license plate numbers, in cases of speed and red light violation, stopping in a pedestrian crossing, stolen cars, driving in a restricted lane, driving against traffic direction, etc.
  • RIT M 300 IAP – a portable system, used for the same purposes as RIT 200, which is easily and effectively operated 10 minutes after being posted alongside the road. It can control two lanes.
  • IAP 500 – a video camera-based mobile system mounted on a car. The system is effective at any speed up to 200 Km/H, and can read license plate numbers in any direction around the car.
  • CAV 100 and CAV 110 – systems installed at the entrance or entrance/exit of buildings and parking facilities, providing automatic access to authorized cars and enabling advanced parking management. These systems can be integrated with the payment system.
  • Various systems used for traffic statistics – based on license plate recognition. These systems provide valuable information for road infrastructure planning, peak time usage and congestion patterns, helping authorities improve traffic laws and regulations. They are used in ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems – as a tool of control, management and information, focused on increasing efficiency, safety and transport quality.

About Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd. (HTS)

HTS is a leading developer and supplier of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems for a wide range of applications in the security, automation and management fields for the ports and traffic markets. HTS has successfully implemented commercial Container Code Recognition (CCR) and License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems in ports, traffic and security sectors in 30 countries worldwide, and has established partnerships with top-tier global companies in over 10 countries. For more information, visit

About Engebras SA

Founded in 1993, Engebras develops and provides systems, products and services aimed at enhancing traffic safety in Brazil, contributing to the reduction of accident rates and traffic law violations. Engebras employs more than 560 professionals developing creative solutions for various customers. The company has conducted numerous successful projects in Brazil. For more information, visit

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