8th eSafety forum plenary meeting 18 September

hosted by IP PReVENT Exhibition

Brussels, Belgium – The 8th eSafety Forum Plenary Meeting will exceptionally take place in Versailles, France on 18 September 2007, together with the i2010 Intelligent Car Event 2007 and as part of the opening day of the IP PReVENT Exhibition.

The meeting will be opened by Mrs Viviane Reding, Member of the European Commission, responsible for the Information Society and Media. Two topics – incentives and nomadic vs embedded devices – will receive special focus with discussion by two high-level panels. eSafety Forum members will also be briefed about the conclusions of the 5-6 June eSafety Conference in Berlin, as well as the results of the eCall field trial in Germany, Austria and Italy.

Forum members are invited to stay in Versailles to take part in the IP PReVENT Exhibition Expert Days on 19-20 September to discover more than 25 PReVENT cars and trucks demonstrating the most advanced safety applications developed throughout the 4-year Integrated Project.

For further information about these events, contact eSafety Support info@esafetysupport.org

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