Volvo presents first test results GST

Volvo Trucks on 9 June 2006 organised an extensive demonstration of GST (Global System for Telematics) applications in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The GST project aims to create the technology and facilitate the cooperation necessary for the creation of an open market for online telematics services. The project’s vision is that of a future where all vehicles are equipped with the communication means to interact with each other and their environment based on a common architecture and standard interfaces.

Demonstrations focused on the professional use of the GST specifications, implementing the results produced in the three GST subprojects Rescue , Open Systems and
Safety Channel

The demonstration included core GST use cases, such as the publishing of software in the Control Centre. The Control Centre is responsible for ensuring that the customer can securely download the telematics services and software he wishes. Such a downloading process – so-called provisioning – to a GST compliant platform was also demonstrated. The software provisioning was carried out over an air GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) link, a connectivity solution based on Internet Protocols. The Swedish Road Administration demonstrated how traffic information will be provided to the Safety Channel Content and Playout centres.

The demonstration was greatly appreciated by participants and proves the feasibility of a common telematics framework such as that established by GST.

For more information, please visit the
GST website
or contact Project Manager Erwin Vermassen

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