MAPS&ADAS and SafeMap projects extend co-operation

Brussels, Belgium – MAPS&ADAS (coordinated by ERTICO) and SafeMap are two research and development projects dealing with the potential use of digital maps for supporting driver assistance applications in favour of safety.

Within the EC co-funded PReVENT Integrated Project, the three-year MAPS&ADAS subproject is developing, testing and validating appropriate methods for gathering, certifying and maintaining advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) content to enable the provision of ADAS maps as well as a standardised interface between ADAS applications and map data sources for accessing map data regarding vehicle position. As a cross-functional subproject, MAPS&ADAS’ role is to support IP PReVENT vertical subprojects which intend to implement the ADAS Interface within their applications.

SafeMap, a project carried out within the French–German transport research programme DEUFRAKO, is supported by the French Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport, Land Planning, Tourism & Sea (DSCR) and the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMb+f). Its aim is to develop a new navigation map or geo-localised database concept (including road safety-related data), evaluate its socio-economic impact and suitability to drivers and subsequently propose examples of an on-board application to ‘aid anticipation’.

Coordinated by ERTICO Partner ISIS (EGIS Group), SafeMap has among its partners research laboratories (BASt, LCPC/LIVIC and CETEs (the public engineering agency network from French Ministry of Transport), automobile manufacturers (DaimlerChrysler, Volvo/Renault Truck, PSA Peugeot Citroën) and map suppliers (Tele Atlas, Navteq).

Similar objectives

SafeMap and MAPS&ADAS pursue similar objectives, have four common partners and will wrap up activities at almost the same time (end 2006 for SafeMap and beginning of 2007 for MAPS&ADAS). For that reason, co-operation between the projects has been seen as promising to not only avoid duplication of work, but also to provide more added value in the research concerning the use of digital maps for supporting safety applications.

A dedicated cooperation meeting between the two projects was held in Paris on 14 February. This first meeting allowed participants to identify collaborative actions, such as cost/benefits analysis and business models, recommendations concerning data sourcing, public sector involvement; as well as evaluation of test applications.

Regular exchanges between the two projects will be organised and both projects are planning a common workshop for presenting their final results and recommendations.

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