Smarter vehicles for safer intersections

Brussels – The past few months have been very exciting for all PReVENT subprojects. Most of their activities are now focused on the implementation and the first tests of the PReVENT applications.

The IP PReVENT subproject INTERSAFE has recently tested its advanced intersection positioning and dynamic object detection system. The system is seen as the most novel way to provide accurate positioning and detect any imminent dangers at intersections.

The first tests took place at Volkswagen’s Ehra test facility in Wolfsburg. A specially created test junction was prepared including typical road markings and other features. This was the first time the INTERSAFE test vehicle – a VW Phaeton – was fully equipped for the intersection safety application combining video (TRW Conekt) and laser scanner (IBEO) sensors in a single perception platform. The IBEO sensor is mainly used in order to accurately position the vehicle and to detect dynamically moving objects at the intersection. The TRW Conekt sensor is used to complement the perception with accurate lane marking information such as stop lines and arrows markings.

The acquisition, the positioning and the detection system performed very well with a high level of accuracy and detection rate. The next steps for the INTERSAFE implementation phase is to provide the relevant information on host vehicle, other vehicles and the junction environment to the decision algorithms and the driver warning interface.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: Ertico