Han Smit on German Logistic Advisory Council

Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO, Hans Smits, has been appointed to the ‘Beirat’ of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL). Smits is one of two non-German members of this advisory board and Rotterdam is the only seaport represented.

The BVL is the biggest and most influential German trade organisation for logistics. In Germany, the logistics sector is viewed as a “Wachstumsmotor" for the economy and has consequently gained in political weight over the past few years.

The BVL Beirat consists of 35 members, representing all aspects of logistics: shipping, forwarding, distribution and transport by land, water and air, science and education, politics and administration, and finances. The council is chaired by Dr. Hugo Fiege, chairman of the board at Fiege, one of Germany’s leading freight forwarders.

Other subsidiary positions of Mr. Hans Smits (58), related to transport and logistics are:

-Non-Executive Director of Sohar Industrial Port Company

-Non-Executive Director of KLM Nederland

-Non-Executive Director of Keyrail

-Member of the Advisory Board of Rotterdam Airport

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Bron: Port of Rotterdam