URBAN-NET first call on sustainable urban development

URBAN-NET issues a first call for research proposals on sustainable urban development from 15 January to 15 April 2008. URBAN-NET is a network of fifteen research funding and coordinating European organisations and UN Habitat. The goal of the consortium is to structure and coordinate research on urban sustainability in Europe by identifying and addressing trans-national requirements for research and the sharing of good practice. By making available funding for research, URBAN-NET aims to develop an integrated approach to the complex network of connections and conflicting goals that are significant for urban processes. Such an approach asks for new combinations of cooperation and perspectives.

In order to reach the goals outlined above, URBAN-NET issues a first call for research proposals on sustainable urban development from 15 January to 15 April 2008. Researchers from universities, research institutes and other research institutions in Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Turkey are invited to develop new ideas and contacts and submit joint proposals.

Sustainable urban development is the wide framework within which research consortia for full research projects and pre-research work are invited to write a proposal. The research is to relate to the interactions between urban functions and sectors (e.g. economy; environment; housing) rather than developing more sustainable approaches within these. The Resilient City is such a crosscutting theme integrating the economic, social/cultural and ecological dimensions of sustainability and demanding a multidisciplinary approach.

There should be a clear demonstration of added value in the proposed partnerships, which are to consist of a minimum of three researchers from three different countries. The researchers are funded by the organisations in the countries where they work. The proposals should deal with problems that could be better understood if the research activities take place in more than one European country.

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