Tiefensee: Fuel consumption has to be reduced

European Commission presents Climate Change Strategy Paper for Transport

Berlin – Commenting on the ongoing debate on climate change policy and the European Commission’s position, the Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Wolfgang Tiefensee, stated: "The Commission’s proposal will enable us to adopt a balanced approach. Blending biofuels into conventional fuels and a system of differentiation by vehicle segment is the right course of action. It thus provides us with a sound basis for establishing mandatory climate change targets for the European automotive industry.

Our vehicles have to be become more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. It is thus wise of us to set ourselves ambitious aims. We now have to clarify how market segment-related statutory provisions governing carbon dioxide ceilings for passenger cars can be put into more concrete terms. This will boost innovation in climate change policy and the competitiveness of the automotive industry. In turn, this will consolidate Europe’s technological edge and thus also secure jobs.

Motoring has to remain affordable in the long term, too. People have to continue to be mobile. Unless fuel consumption is reduced significantly, motorists will eventually find that filling up their cars is a prohibitively expensive luxury."

Additional background information (provided by Infrasite’s Editorial Staff)
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