Minute silence for passing away of Loyola de Palacio

Brussels, Belgium – Following the death of Loyola de Palacio, President Josep Borrell made the following statement and held one minute of silence: "We yesterday concluded the day with the sad news of the death of Loyola de Palacio, former Minister of Agriculture in Spain, head of list of the Spanish Popular Party in the elections to the European Parliament of 1999, Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for relations with the European Parliament and the portfolio of Transport and Energy.

We will remember her as the person who negotiated two fundamental texts for the institutions:- the Framework Agreement between the Parliament and the Commission – and the Inter-institutional Agreement on "Better lawmaking." Loyola de Palacio was a strong and determined interlocutor and always loyal to European values. Very appreciated for using clear and direct language in the offices and corridors of this House and of the Commission. The last months of her life can be example for all. I feel a personal feeling of loss and it is sad news for all people that new her."

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: European Parliament